Bicolor OE/BE Males and Producers

Kantaberry Eyesa Dream of Steamboat

Kantaberry Eyesa Dream of Steamboat

Black-white ODD EYED Persian


  • "Johnny Cash" comes from a long line of ODD EYE/BLUE EYE producers and has full siblings that are visual ODD EYE/BLUE EYED.

Sire:  Steeplechase Lover Boy  
         Brown Mack Tabby-White

  • CH Day Oh King Ohearts  x  Tombrock's Chiara

Dam:  Steeplechase Olive Ann
           Brown Patched Tabby-White


Parti Wai Sinatra of Steamboat

Parti Wai Sinatra of Steamboat

Red Tabby & White Persian

Producer of multiple ODD EYES/BLUE EYES with multiple females

Half brother to GC BW NW Parti Wai EX Jackpot
CFA Cat of The Year, 2012-13


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Sire:  GC Parti Wai Bentley  
         Black & White

  • GC Artemis Rumor x CH Parti Wai Cookie Face, DM

Dam:  GC, RW Parti Wai Emmanuelle
          Brown Patched Tabby-White

  • GC Sandy-B Cowboy x GC Parti Wai I'm a Cookie Too

CPC/Himalayan Male

Countrygal's Quasar of Steamboat

CH Countrygal's Quasar of Steamboat

Seal Lynx Point Male Himalayan


Sire:  CH Co-Bridge Captain of Countrygal
        Seal Lynx Point Male Himalayan

  • GC Co-Bridge I've Been Kissedx  Co-Bridge Kiss Me Kate of Raggamops

Dam:  CH Countrygal Mesmereyes
           Seal  Point Himalayan

  • CH Countrygal Check's In The Malex  Tallin Pearl Jam of Countrygal

Quasar has sired some of the top cats in the show halls in recent years, and we are so thankful to have him!

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