CFA and TICA Reg. Cattery

CFA and TICA Reg. Cattery




Site updated:  May 18, 2018

 2018 Steamboat Blue Eyed pure Persian boy (Reserved)

2018 Steamboat Blue Eyed pure Persian boy (Reserved)

Steamboat Cattery News

We will have kittens available this summer.  Contact us for details.

Some of our recently reserved copper eyed males below.


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Steamboat Stevie Nicks Blues of Bella Amore

 Steamboat Stevie Nicks Blues pictured at 10 months

Steamboat Stevie Nicks Blues pictured at 10 months

She is the 10th continuous generation of OE/BE, and she is the first BLUE EYED female bred at Steamboat Cattery.

We are pleased to announce that Stevie will soon be going to her new home at Bella Amore Persians with Cheryl and Rob Lima. We will miss you, crazy Stevie! 

Sire:  Kantaberry Eyesa Dream of Steamboat (Odd Eyed)

  • Multiple OE/BE producer with multiple females

Dam:  Chastelle Blueyes-N-TX of Steamboat (Blue Eyed)

  • Multiple OE/BE producer in her first 2 litters

ODD EYED/BLUE EYED Bicolor Persian Program


Steamboat Cattery is a very small CFA and TICA registered cattery located outside of Abilene, Texas USA. We offer high quality Persian kittens for sale and cats for sale to approved, loving homes, including the rare ODD EYED/BLUE EYED bicolor Persians and solid white Persians. We have imported our breeding cats from all over the world, bringing in only the best breeding cats in order to pass these lines on to our clients. We always aim for CFA show quality kittens, but sell many breeder/show quality kittens to loving pet homes by choice.

Steamboat Cattery in TX offers Persian kittens for sale and cats for sale that are hard to find, and make excellent pets as we do not cage any cats, although we obviously do separate when breeding and birthing. Our cats come from years of selective breeding, and we researched extensively before deciding to breed. Our kittens come from select lines of National Winners, Breed Winners, Distinguished Merit, and Grand Champion cats that come some of the most successful catteries in the US and around the world. Our breeders currently come from the following winning cattery bloodlines: Cacao, Chastelle, Panda Pers, Pajean, Purrinlot, Day Oh, Jantar, Wishstar, Parti Wai, Milord, Elegian, Brannaway, Barmont, Artemis, Dal-Bo, Kantaberry,  Eye-Believe, Co-Bridge, Steeplechase, etc. 

Our goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and very well socialized cats that meet the CFA standard. All of our breeding cats are FIV/FeLV/PKD DNA negative. 

The one thing we can count on that is always said about our cats is how well they adjust to their new homes and love people. That means we did our job loving them until they leave us.

Check out our Facebook page at for up to the minute updates and pictures of the kittens, as well as on Instagram  @steamboatcattery, Twitter @SteamboatCatte1, or call/text 817-832-9432.Also email us at or call/text 817-832-9432.