Bicolor OE/BE & Carrier Line Females

Milord Olenka of Steamboat (2017 OE/BE Producer)

Milord Olenka of Steamboat

Imported from Brazil
Brown patched tabby-white BLUE EYED Persian

Sire:  GC Day Oh Wish Upon a Star, DM of Elegian

  • Sire of FIFe double World Winner 2011-12 SC Parti Wai Bon Jovi of Garfielcats 
  • Sire of 17 CFA Grand Champions and is DM
  • Proven OE/BE bicolor producer with multiple females
  • Day Oh True Reflection x Day Oh Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Dam:  Saint Christin Isis of Milord

  • Brown patched tabby-white
  • Producer of multiple OE/BE kittens
  • SC Lord Darth Vader de Saint Christin, DVM x Pajean's Lady Jasmine

Chastelle Blueyes-N-TX of Steamboat (2017 OE/BE producer)

Chastelle Blueyes-N-TX of Steamboat

 She is the 9th continuous generation of OE/BE.

Brown patched tabby-white BLUE EYED Persian

Sire:  GC Chastelle's Khaluminadi (ODD EYE)

  •  Khaluminadi Granded at 9 Months of Age!
  • CFA Great Lakes Region Breed Winner - Third Best of Breed/Persian Calico & BiColor Division 2011-2012 Show Season
  • CFA Great Lakes Region Best of Color Class - Best Black and White
  • Day Oh Old Blue Eyes of Chastelle (BLUE EYED) x Day Oh Savanah Sunrise of Chastelle

Dam:  PL*Jantar Satine Rouge of Chastelle

  • Silver Patched Tabby & White
  • Multiple OE/BE producer
  • CFA Great Lakes Region Best of Color Class - Best Black and White
  • Chastelle Chanzo Bluu of PL* Jantar (ODD EYE) x PL* Aqua Illusion

Elegian Amanda of Steamboat

Imported from Italy
Brown patched tabby-white copper eyed Persian

Elegian Amanda of Steamboat

  • Amanda's father and multiple brothers and sisters are visual ODD EYES

Sire:  PL*Jantar Blue Skay of Elegian (ODD EYE)

  •  Cream tabby-white ODD EYED Persian  
  •  8th continuous generation of BLUE EYES from dam's side
  •  3rd continuous generation of BLUE EYES from sire's side
  • Chastelle Chanzo Bluu of PL*Jantar (ODD EYED)  x  PL*Jantar Bonita (BLUE EYED)

Dam:  PL*Jantar Miss Maggie May of Elegian 

  • Black-white copper eyed Persian
  • Strong ODD EYE/BLUE EYE bicolor lines on both sides of pedigree.
  • PL*Jantar Zippi Blue (BLUE EYED)  x  TICA FRC, FIFe CH Riascatz Pallavi of PL*Jantar
  •  Maggie's sister is TICA GRC, CFA CH  PL*Jantar Miss Betty Boop is BLUE EYED

Cacao Chanel of Steamboat

Cacao Chanel of Steamboat

Cameo tabby-white copper eyed Persian

  • Chanel is half-sister to GC, NW Cacao Whiskey in the Water
  • Chanel's father is ODD EYED and her sister is BLUE EYED  

Sire:  Angelana Aldrik of Cacao (ODD EYE)  

  •  Cameo tabby-white ODD EYED Persian
  • Aldrik is the 6th continous generation of ODD EYE/BLUE EYES 
  • CH Purrinlot Baby Blu's 4u of Angelana (Blue eyed) x  CH Purrinlot Lilly Belle of Angelana


  • Dilute calico Persian
  • Producer of OE/BE
  • GC Brannaway Picasso of Cedar Rose  x  CH Divinity's Ohh La La of Cedar Rose
Eye Believe in Miranda of Steamboat

Eye Believe in Miranda of Steamboat

Eye-Believe in Miranda of Steamboat

Brown patched tabby-white Persian
Pedigree link coming soon

  • Miranda is half-sister to DW Eye Believe Defying Gravity of BigPurrs

Sire:  CH Day Oh King Ohearts

  • Red tabby-white
  • Multiple OE/BE producer with multiple females

Dam:  Eye Believe's Sunday Morning

  • Black-white

CPC/Himalayan Females

Cacao Marilyn Monroe of Steamboat

Cacao Marilyn Monroe of Steamboat

Solid white CPC female

Marilyn comes from a long line of NW's, DM's, BW's, RW's, etc.


Sire:  GC Cacao Cannon Fodder

  • GC, NW Cacao Xcitement  x  CH Cacao Xoctial

Dam:  GC Dal-Bo's Hailey of Cacao

  • GC, NW Dal-Bo's Sealed With A Promise DM  x  Dal-Bo's Kaia

Raggamops Trixie of Steamboat

Raggamops Trixie of Steamboat

Blue-cream point female


Sire:  Co-Bridge Diesel of Raggamops

  • CH Co-Bridge Sealed With A Kiss  x  Co-Bridge Evasive Manuvers

Dam:  GC, RW Kitt N Boots Bandana of Raggamops

  • GC Careyata's Lover Boy  x  Kurtn Klimer's Bell of Kitt N Boots